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The New Schoolfield

We’re asking the residents of Danville to tell us what they see for the future of Schoolfield. Schoolfield is in session, and we want you to be part of its next class.


People are at the center of this vision.


History runs deep through the site.


Place for community

People have always been, and will continue to be, the lifeblood of this historic site. Our plan is to involve the community in this revival as much as possible. Danville is hungry for something new. We’ll work with businesses, neighbors, and stakeholders to decide what Schoolfield’s next life will look like.


A treasured location

This site occupies a special place in the hearts and collective consciousness of the Danville community. We need to dig into what Schoolfield represented, and what it represents now: into what feels authentic to the past, present, and future of this special district.


What's the process?

We have set forth a timeline for engagement and input to inform the master planning process.



During the first phase, the team will set the foundation for a collaborative and inclusive planning process. We'll listen, observe, and learn about the district through the lens of property owners and tenants, City Departments, developers, residents, and community.



During this phase, the Team will build on the findings and input from Phase 1 and explore in more detail the issues and opportunities for the campus. We will also create a series of framework plans and preliminary recommendations.



In this phase, the Team will start the plan preparation and concept plans. The plan will be prepared in accordance with the most current ideas generated from the community and best practices.



During the final phase, the Team will gather all the Draft Plan comments, responses, and feedback from the community, Project Team/Steering Committee, and City staff and produce the Final Plan document.


Shaping the District

Reimagining the future of this historic district and campus will require a creative and adaptable approach, one that is able to reshape the current industrial fabric of the site and organize it to accommodate varying scales and types of future growth.

Schoolfield’s in Session and You’ve Got Questions:

This is about more than catching up to today, it’s about shaping the future of Schoolfield. We have set forth a timeline for engagement and input to inform the master planning process.


Imagine if Schoolfield could be a place that welcomes everyone, not just in Danville, but the world.