Project Overview

What's the Plan?

The Schoolfield District Plan is an opportunity to leverage the development of a casino at the Dan River Mills site to improve the health and wellbeing of the community, increase resiliency, spur new investment and economic development.

The plan also aims to preserve the heritage and history and stitch together the treads of Schoolfield & Danville, VA into a rich and vibrant tapestry. It is comprised of a Master Plan, Neighborhood Plan, and Main Street Corridor Plan.


Historic Schoolfield in Danville, VA


Schoolfield was an epicenter of energy and activity.



People have always been, and will continue to be, the lifeblood of this historic site. Our plan is to involve the community in this revival as much as possible. Danville is hungry for something new. We’ll work with businesses, neighbors, and stakeholders to decide what Schoolfield’s next life will look like.


The Fabric of Danville

This plan will work with the community to leverage existing assets and restore that energy by creating urban design, planning, and landscape solutions that stem from and reflect the authenticity of this place. Reimagining the future of this historic district will require a creative and adaptable approach, one that is able to reshape the current industrial fabric of the site and organize it to accommodate varying scales and types of future growth.


Involving the Community

Our team will create a plan that “widens the tent,” creating a space where people from all walks of life and backgrounds can find a community where they can work, play, and live. Creating a humanized District will require a vision that merges cultural assets, economic production, and community life. This vision can only come from listening to and understanding the needs and aspirations of the community and users.

Who's Involved?

It Takes a Village

The team behind this process is comprised of city officials, urban planners, architects, designers, business owners, creative teams, and of course, you. The Team includes:

Plan for the future.

Imagine if Schoolfield could be a place that welcomes everyone, not just in Danville, but the world.