The District

Shaping the District

The Schoolfield District includes the Schoolfield Neighborhood & Village, the Main Street Corridor, and part of the Dan River Mills site (future home of Casears Casino).

The importance of Dan River Inc. cannot be overstated. This site is at the heart of the economic history of the nation’s textile production that made Danville known throughout the 1800s and 1900s as a major economic hub. The Dan River Mill was once the largest single-unit textile mill in the world.


Unearth the Layers

It will be critical to unearth the layers of shared meaning, values, and aspirations related to this site and the area around it. There are deep and varied connotations among a wide range of people—some whose grandparents may have worked at the mill, others who know the site only as a beautiful industrial ruin, and still others who may only see the site as a lack of progress. Yet, within this complexity, we can also find its transformative potential by celebrating its unique history and leveraging existing assets to create a campus that sets Danville apart.

Plan for the future.

Imagine if Schoolfield could be a place that welcomes everyone, not just in Danville, but the world.