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Project Timeline

What's the Process?

This is about more than catching up to today, itโ€™s about shaping the future of Schoolfield. We have set forth a timeline for engagement and input to inform the master planning process. Our process aims to take the opportunity presented to shape the future of not only Schoolfield, but Danville as a whole.

Phase One


3 MONTHS - During the first phase, the planning team will set the foundation for a collaborative and inclusive planning process. The WRT team will listen, observe, and learn about Danville and the District through the lens of property owners and tenants, City and State Departments, developers, local residents, and community members, and through a thorough data and site analysis and assessment of resources. At the end of Phase 1, the team will have a firm understanding of the existing physical, social, and economic conditions of the project area.

Phase Two


4 MONTHS - During this phase, the WRT Team will build on the findings and input from Phase 1 and explore in more detail the issues and opportunities for the district. We will also create a series of framework plans and preliminary recommendations.

Phase Three


3 MONTHS - In this phase, the WRT Team will start the plan preparation and concept plans. The plan will be prepared in accordance with the most current ideas generated from the community and best practices within the field of master planning. The plan will also reinforce City zoning and regulatory considerations impacting the physical environment of the study area.

Phase Four


2 MONTHS - During the final phase, the WRT Team will gather all the Draft Plan comments, responses, and feedback from the community, Project Team/Steering Committee, and City staff and produce the Final Plan document. The Final Plan will be an attractive, meaningful, and easy-to understand document for the City to implement.


Imagine if Schoolfield could be a place that welcomes everyone, not just in Danville, but the world.