Community Engagement

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The Schoolfield Village was once the heart of this community and Danville's economy. Now, there is an opportunity to reimagine its next chapter. How can we leverage the development of a new casino and resort to improve the health and wellbeing of the community, increase resiliency, spur new investment, and preserve history and culture?

What is your connection to Schoolfield?

Your priorities for the future

Tell us which key themes and goals are most important to you! Using the sliding scale below, rate each of the key themes and goals on a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is the lowest priority and 10 is the highest Priority.

Character + Identity
Preserve and celebrate the history and legacy of Schoolfield and create welcoming gateways into the community
A - Character + Identity
Ecology + Open Space
Enhance existing open and natural spaces and find opportunities to create new spaces for recreation, habitat, and respite.
A - Ecology + Open Space
Create a community-supported vision for the future that centers equity and inclusion in the process, recommendations, and implementation.
A - Community
Housing + Economic Development
Combat displacement and identify equitable and inclusive revitalization and development opportunities that meet the needs of existing and future residents.
A - Housing + Economic Development
Mobility + Connectivity
Emphasize Main Street as the city’s spine and create seamless multi-modal connections to the River District.
A - Mobility + Connectivity
Ensure that infrastructure (water, sewer, stormwater, power, etc.) serve community needs and are sustainable.
A - Infrastructure

What exists now & What is possible

The following maps summarize the existing conditions, issues, and opportunities within the District into six frameworks focused on our key themes. Take a look at each and let us know what you think!

Mobility & Connectivity
  • Disconnected pedestrian and bicycle network with inconsistent and unsafe connections
  • Limited fixed public transit service, frequency, and amenities
  • Lack of consistent identity along W. Main Street
Ecology & Open Space
  • Erosion and degradation of existing waterways and natural ecosystems
  • Poor connections to parks and open spaces
  • Disconnected habitat corridors and forested areas
Housing & Economic Development
  • Climbing home values, threats of displacement in response to Casino and a need to ensure residents are not priced out of their neighborhoods
  • Need for more housing options for mixed-income levels and seniors
  • Provide opportunities for authentic community-centered development near the casino that enhances the identity of the Schoolfield District
Character & Identity
  • Lack of wayfinding, signage, and gateway elements along W. Main Street
  • Few historic or cultural markers that display the significance of Schoolfield and the Dan River Mills
  • Lack of amenities (grocery stores, shopping, and restaurants) along the W. Main Street corridor particularly west of the Schoolfield Site
  • Few community-oriented services
  • Need for supportive services within the Schoolfield neighborhood
  • Downslope-oriented roadways direct runoff to undersized stormwater drains or overflow into private properties.
  • Overhead power & utility lines limit street trees along W Main Street
  • Aging Mill Village Homes are in need of energy efficient retrofits

Where should we focus new development?

We’ve identified 6 key catalyst sites throughout the Schoolfield District. We need your help to prioritize which sites we should explore further. Review the 6 potential sites and choose your top 3. Click the images to expand and view in more detail.

Where should we focus new development?

What is our next chapter?

Next, you’ll review three themes we’ve created that incorporate ideas and projects we’ve gathered from the community and stakeholders over the past months. Each theme includes 8 potential projects. Choose your top projects related to each theme. The highest prioritized projects will be incorporated in the final District plan!

Note: the associated maps help provide a visual representation of the concepts. The final locations of the projects or depicted elements may change in the final concept based upon feedback and further analysis.

Meet Me On Main

A thread of culture, connectivity, and community along Main Street. Click to view in a larger window.

Meet Me on Main - Choose your favorite(s)
It Takes a Village

An inclusive, walkable, historic neighborhood. Click to view in a larger window.

It Takes a Village - Choose your favorite(s)